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Vocational Training


Vocational Training

Vocational education is education that prepares people to work in various jobs. Vocational education is also known as career education or technical education. It is training for a specific vocation in industry or agriculture or trade. This training emphasizes on skills and knowledge required for a particular job function.

Vocational training is used to prepare students for a certain trade or craft. The programs prepare students to be ready for specific careers.

Importance of Vocational Training

  • Programs are valuable for producing skilled members of future workforce.
  • Creative outlet for those students who are interested in hands on career specific education.
  • Helps to maintain the competitiveness through provisions of multi-entry and vertical mobility.
  • Enhances the employability of youth.
  • Enables an individual to attain self-employment.
  • Provides opportunity to be trained in skills of student’s natural gifts in preferences to jobs they will find meaningless.
  • Develops excellence across all occupations for the social and economic health of the society.

Vocational Training in BDP School

Knowing that vocational training was of greater relevance for rural students, it was decided by Psycho Educational Society that in addition to formal education curriculum, the school must conduct skill development programs for students in home science and computers. These programs are now offered everyday / once in a week after school working hours.

Good percentages of the school girls are trained in tailoring thereafter become capable of supplementing their family income.

Psycho Educational Society is an NGO that also provides vocational training to poor women of rural Mathura for their empowerment.

The school is also equipped with a computer laboratory headed by a well trained teacher. More than 200 boys and girls of the village have become computer literate by making use of these facilities.